It’s funny when you’re 22 and doing your own projects, people would be so surprised ‘wow, that’s so cool you do this at this age.’

It’s a bit more normal when you do the same thing at 26, people would also be surprised but differently ‘Wow, still doing that. Better hurry up man. You’re 26’. 

When you’re 22, there seems too much to do and too little you know about everything. (Despite all the years of formal education you’ve spent eagerly.) You are more shy to get yourself exposed.

When you’re 26, you tell yourself ‘Man, your time is up. Let’s do it now or never’. You become much more willing to expose yourself. Not late to the game but not much time left. People don’t see you as a kid with ambitions but an adult with expected results. 

I’m much more comfortable to expose myself now. 

Brilliant Ordinary

I have tried so hard for years to follow a high dream of being extraordinary. Who doesn’t want to be special? 

These days I think hard about that notion and realize that I have the capabilities to be a ‘brilliant’ ordinary person, being potential to achieve the excellence of an ordinary life. 

Many have fought hard to be extra-ordinary, but to add that ‘extra’ before any characteristics or skills, it is really a step beyond the ‘ordinary’. 

I have looked around. There are friends of the same generations. They are doing a variety of things. Some are considered successful, some are not. But even those who hold accomplishments are just doing ordinary stuffs brilliantly. There is almost no secret to their status quo. Just follow the tradition path of being ‘good’ at what you do. 

To be ‘extra-ordinary’ turns out to be a completely different spectrum. Those who are extra-ordinary are different. They don’t pursue the brilliance, they move beyond the ordinary stuffs at whatever the field they are. 

I and those with great ambitions, who think of being more than just ordinary, are just crazy people. The secret of life is that being ordinary and being good at being ordinary already are a success.

Probably those extraordinary are born that way.

So it turns out very easy to be respected by the society. Just pick a thing, and become really good at that. The path to glory and happiness is already painted before. If you think that way, it becomes absolutely achievable to become ordinarily brilliant in any field. You actually do not pick what you are working on but pause for a moment and see what you really enjoy doing and can be really good at and do that for like 3 years while also keep telling people “hey I’m doing this everyday. Take a look!”

There is a very high chance that after three years you will become brilliantly ordinary. 


[by Kylie Martin]

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Natalie Portman

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Letter of rec

Prof Frat has agreed to write a letter for me, which is very nice of him. He asked what I had learned from his class. The class was Sustainability. 

1. He introduced me to the Origin of Wealth, the book that changed how I look at the world. It gives me an important framework to independently analyze and understand the economy, business, society and countries. It is necessary the book that has changed my life and I have always recommended it to any student I meet. 

2. I started to use framework. I realize that the world is different because we have different frameworks for thinking. Framework is how one thinks and comes up with understanding and ideas. The concept of complex adaptive system is quite new and I hope many more people can use that to understand the world. 

3. I know how to think above the box. Not outside but above. Before the class, I could only understand the world as it was. After it, I knew how to use framework and imagination to understand what is going on with each agent in the world. What you see isn’t as necessary as what is really happening. It is a holistic view. For example, I start to see things in a holistic view: I see a person and think of what is going on with his/her body, her environment, her relationships. I see a company and think of how the company works inside, how its people are set up to make it happen in such way. I see an event in the world and think of how it could happen from the beginning to the end. It changed me and my point of view.

4. The class changed my writing. I wasn’t good at writing at the time I took the class but it changed how I write. How to implement ideas and resources to convey what I think.

5. He really gives me a deep understanding of the importance of environment, global warming and how it will be the most threatening problem to our human kind. And years after graduation, what we were taught in the class now starts to be more universal.

6. He taught me about morality.

That’s a lot for a class. In college, not every class is equally important. This class can be said as the most important class of my college life. 

Broke and broken 2014

Just broke my leg. Right when I quit my job so broke and broken at the same time. 

The age of uncertainty continues with these events. Now I love to program, but I can’t quite program anything yet. I also just bought a camera, a Fujifilm. Very fashionable and exciting. 

Your Knowledge and Total Knowledge

Your knowledge < Total Knowledge. 

Much smaller. Tiny. So when you start learning something new, there is a great worry of what you don’t know. You just don’t know what you don’t know. 

You need to reach a minimum level when what you know starts to make sense and applicable. Below that, you are constantly unsure of how far till you can justify the effort of learning such things. 

The practical hope is that we should make incremental improvements everyday, so at the end of each day, we can realize: oh today I know what I didn’t know yesterday. 

Someday, the sum of what you learn will start to make perfect sense. 

I am still waiting for the day. 

Challenge of the Year 2014

I love doing hard things. I’ve always loved drinking alcohol. It was good sometimes but can be bad in the long run. A man has to know how to drink. But how about for the rest half of the year, I give myself a challenge: 


Let’s see how hard it can be. 

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The start of unemployment time

So tomorrow I will start living the way I have always wanter for a year. Let’s write down what I will do: 

- Wake up at 6 am everyday. 

- Make a working agenda for the day everyday at 7am. 

- Make a working agenda for the week every Monday 7am. 

- Record 1 song per day, starting from easy to hard. 

- Start working on coding at 8:00. 

- Make and eat breakfast at 6:30. 

- Study GMAT in the afternoon. 

- Run and play basketball in Times City at 6:00. 

- Say NO more often to hangouts. 


Life is difficult sometimes

Only sometimes. 

But unhappiness is a weird thing. I just wonder if anyone is ever constantly happy. Maybe only crazy people. 

Quite often I fall into the state of unpleasant feelings. There are things I try to solve. I quit my job. I try to be nicer to people. I smile more. I kill troubles. I even do charity. But it doesn’t help. 

The one thing I realize is materials do not create happiness. Sometimes I thought if I could have this and that, I would be more satisfied. But I haven’t. And those who lack materials seem to be still able to be happy. 

Is happiness related to people surrounding me. I think so. I met many people but always felt lonely. It’s a state of mind. 

Oh, maybe an example of happiness is what I need. If I can’t define happy for myself, maybe I should find a role model to learn from. I don’t know. 

Or maybe I should find the source of unhappiness I am having. There are too many. Family. Society. Myself. I can’t get rid of them all. 

Maybe it’s just my mind. If my mind is blank, my body is in good shape, happiness and unhappiness wouldn’t exist. They are just a product of thoughts. I don’t know. 

How can my mind be blank? How can I get rid of everything in my mind?